SOPA Blackout
Insight: What would the internet be like without Google?

In 2011 I joined GOOD Corps, a division of GOOD magazine that was focused on creating social impact marketing for brands, before it was a buzzword. One of our first clients was Google and specifically we were tasked with helping them during a moment when there was legislation being created that could censure online content. Almost all internet companies, both big and small realized that it was a flawed law and rallied together to prevent it from passing.

When people clicked on the blacked out Google logo, they were directed to an infographic highlighting the issues with the law as well as an online petition that when filled out went directly to their congressional representative. The night before the bill was going to Congress we uploaded the blacked out image in real time. That day 7,000,000 individuals signed the petition and within a matter of hours 19 senators had decided to change their vote from for to against the legislation and the legislation and was shelved.

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