Just Do It Tokyo
Insight: A city can be a mirror and a canvas

In Japan there’s a saying “deru kugi wa utareru” literally, “the nail that sticks up, gets hammered down.” Living in Tokyo you quickly realize to stand out is looked down upon. It’s a wonderful vibrant city, but striving to be unique is very un-japanese. Nike wanted to fight against this with a Just Do It campaign that celebrated the eccentric side of sport in the world’s largest city. We highlighted urban athletes, and pitched the idea of creating an OOH campaign that took over the city, much like these athletes themselves. With over 200 unique images and placements. From giant images on the side of Tower Records to a small poster in an alleyway in Harajuku, no OOH was repeated. We hired local photographers to document the athletes in their elements. And interviewed them to gain insight into the the personal headlines.

W+K Tokyo / Art Director / Writer

 The image on left says “No Brakes, No Problem.” and resulted in so many public complaints Nike Japan replaced with the image on the right.