2.All in or Nothing
Insight: Be at the center of the World Cup

Adidas has provided a unique World Cup football everytime the world’s most popular game is on its grandest stage. The 2014 Brazil world cup was no different and perhaps the most important incarnation of the football. Named the “Brazuca” (Someone or something born in Brazil) it was unlike any other football before it. The previous football for the 2010 world cup was a PR disaster for Adidas. The Brazuca was different, and better. We wanted the world to know it. We gave it a life of its own. From its own twitter handle during the World Cup, to a Youtube launch film that allowed the viewer to literally “Be the ball,” and a series of global films that sent a custom created “Brazucam” on a journey to interact with players around the world. All together, it added up to the Brazuca becoming the highest selling football in history and the centerpiece to a glorious World Cup in Brazil.

Chiat/Day  /  ACD / Writer